Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Victims

The Philippines experienced the heaviest rainfall yesterday as typhoon Ondoy hit the country.  It was a case of "too much rain, too soon" -  it was a month's worth of rain falls in just 6 hours which triggered massive floods.  People were stranded everywhere. People were on top of their roofs waiting to be rescued. 
My sister spent the night in their office with her co-workers while my other sister spent the night at her best friend's house in Quezon City.  A state of calamity was already declared in Metro Manila and in 25 other provinces in Luzon.  Metro Manila was virtually turned into a sea.

My sister's brand new Toyota Avanza  was submerged in the heavy floods.  Grabe! Ang nakakasama ng loob, someone could have driven the car up to the car ramp so that the car would have been elevated  several inches from the ground.  Pero wala- pinabayaan nilang mabaha yung car ng sis ko...