Saturday, September 26, 2009


Have you ever lost a bid on an auction-style item on eBay just because someone else put a higher bid on the same item just a few seconds before closing time?  Well, I experienced that a few weeks ago.  I placed a bid on a vertical 15" Laptop Oakley sleeves for a few thousand pesos.  I was sure that I would win it because I watched the item and there was no other bidder.  What a disappointment it was when I learned that someone else got it only for a few pesos over my bid.  She placed a higher bid at the very last minute!!! Waah!
Now, my inbox is swamped with offers for Auction Snipers!! Hehehe...

Auction sniping is the process of watching a timed online auction (eBay and Allegro) and placing a winning bid at the last second of the auction, so that the other bidders would have no time to outbid the sniper.  So if you like online shopping, an auction sniper would fit you just fine.  Try to choose between EZ Sniper, Snip, Auction Sniper, eBay Sniper, Goofbay eBay sniper to name a few.  Good luck on your next bid!


buy and sell on ebay said... is another sniping service that you can use.

Just remember, regardless of when your bid is placed, it has to be the highest to win.