Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Having Problems with Your Flood-Damaged Cars?

Hundreds of cars have been damaged as a result of flood caused by the tropical storm Ondoy (international code name Ketsana).  Flood can really cause havoc to one's car.  Even the partially submerged cars can show signs of corrosion soon than expected.  So if your car has been caught in the flood, just like my sister's car; here are some simple tips that may help protect your car from further damage.

1.  Do not start the engine or attempt to drive it.  Immediately disconnect the battery from the terminals to lessen the damages to the electrical and electronic components.

2.  Determine how long the car was submerged in water and measure the depth of the water that submerged the vehicle.  Identify the kind of flood water that affected the car (whether it was muddy, sandy or clear).  This information may give you a clue as to the extent of damage to the car and will make it easy to determine if the car is salvageable or not.

3.  Check the engine oil indicator thru the engine dipstick.  If the reading is too high, this might mean that there's water present in the engine.

4. Take photos of your damaged car (exterior, interior and engine) before cleaning the car.  These might help in the processing of car insurance claims.

5.  Try to remove as much water as you can if water has seeped inside the car interior.  Have your car towed to the nearest authorized service center.

6.  Make sure that a qualified and an expert technician checks on all mechanical components of the car such as the engine, transmission, brake system, fuel system, steering system and axles for water contamination.

  Check the electrical system, engine computers and other electronic devices of the car.

Remember that corrosion and oxidation can adversely affect the car performance even after all the damaged components have been cleaned.



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