Friday, April 8, 2011

super busy..

TGIF! I really had a busy week. Grabeh! I wasn't able to blog hop. Even if I was online, I couldn't even post a short update because I was busy reading medical updates.
We admitted a 35-year old male at the ICU for electrical burns. The patient really had several injuries. His heart was affected by the electrical voltage that ran through his body -- he had elevated cardiac enzymes and his ECG tracing showed elevated ST segments.-- just like having an MI.

He had partial thickness burns on both uppper extremities, both lower extremities and left lumbar area. On top of that, he had scalp laceration.

The Abdominal CT scan showed a subcapsular hematoma on the liver and a superficial liver laceration.
The patient is still for close monitoring but he's already in a stable condition and is now out of the ICU. Thank God.

Happy weekend, everyone!