Friday, June 11, 2010


is BACK!

I encountered a "glitch in the matrix" a few days ago and I just deleted my blogs. Tsk, tsk.. I know it was such a knee-jerk reaction from me.  Flashback to 2007 when  I decided to open an account with and set up this blog in the hope that  blogging  would be one of the many ways by which I could communicate with my best friend who was at least 7,772 kilometers away. (heheh, check longitude and latitude).  At least by reading each other's blog, we could update each other about what is really going on with our respective lives.

Anyway, I decided to undelete Aimless Ramblings. ( Sayang naman ang google page rank 4!) But I will no longer archive some details of my personal life nor share private thoughts. What I'd do is just re-post blog content or a synopsis of general interest, news, sponsored reviews, showbiz gossip perhaps.  There are a lot of bloggers who do that anyway.  Of course, proper credits and link backs should be given to the author.

That's it!  :)


Aidyl said...

Nice to hear you dont give up blogging!! =)

Yea, it can be a disatvantage sometimes to go too personal / reveal too much in blogs.
I want to keep mine more of public interest than giving too much info about myself too.

Anyways, welcome back!

scribbler said...

@ Aidyl - thanks! Nice to hear from you again!!

I enjoy blogging especially if I write about my own personal life experience. I'll be starting a new personal blog but I will not "advertise" it. LOL