Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Globe Telecom announced yesterday that it had tied up with PayPal so that US-based Filipinos can send money with ease and convenience to their friends and families here in the Philippines. 

The new service will allow US PayPal users to transfer funds to a GCash registered Globe or TM mobile phone in the Philippines through the GCash Online website in a secure, convenient and affordable way.

For money transfers via the GCash online website, PayPal account holders in the US will only have to enter the recipient's GCash  registered Globe or TM number in the Philippines and the amount they wish to send.  They will then be directed to their PayPal account to review and confirm their transaction.  Once done, recipients will be notified through text message on their mobile phone.  The funds will automatically be credited to the GCash wallet of the receiving party, who has the option to cash out the amount at any of the 18,000 GCash outlets nationwide or use the funds to buy load or pay for their bills or make purchases from online or retail merchants. (PR)

Congratulations to Globe Telecom for providing the first mobile money remittance using the PayPal platform!


bleep said...

really?! this is great info! im sure many filipino's will be happy to hear about this.

scribbler said...

@ bleep - yup! it would be very convenient for our friends and relatives from the US to send us cash gifts! :D

ticklethythoughts said...

that's a good news! at least marami na options ang mga pinoys abroad when it comes to sending money in the Philippines..