Saturday, February 13, 2010

Say it with flowers!

It's just one day  before V-day and if you still don't know how to express your affection to your loved one -- Say it with flowers!  Let flowers do the talking.  :)

The ancient Egyptians were the first to use flowers as symbols of love.  The symbolic use of flowers is also mentioned in Chinese writings, Greek and Roman mythology. Since then, flowers became  a symbol for love, romance and desire.  

But take note, not all flowers are symbolically romantic!  You might want to check out the top 10 romantic flowers that you  can give to your loved ones.

1.  Rose -  The mere mention of the word "rose" evokes a feeling of love and romance.  A red rose signifies love.  Red and white roses combined signify unity.  Pink roses signify friendship.  White roses represent purity.
2.  Orchids -  This exotic flower signifies love, beauty and seduction.  This flower conveys your innermost feelings, be careful who you give it to.. ;)
3.  Iris - This beautiful flower signifies faith and hope.
4.  Sunflower - This symbolizes love and esteem.  
5.  Tulips - It is a  symbol of perfect love.
6.  Daisies -  Are you familiar with the "he loves me, he loves me not" tool?  It signifies love, loyalty, purity and innocence.
7.  Lilac - This romantic  flower is said to ask the question "Do you still love me?" to the receiver.
8.  Carnation - This flower symbolizes fascination and can be given to someone who holds you captivated.
9.  Lily - It stands for tenderness and beauty.
10.  Gardenia - This sweet-smelling flower symbolizes love and peace.

Happy Valentine! :)


adam said...

Hellloooo... I've been arrived on your blog... :) I like your blog... Keep smile and spirit!!!

Aidyl said...

Nice post!! =)
I didn't know all the meaning of the different flowers before.
I love sunflowers~ they make a bright and happy feeling.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

lina@women's perspectives said...

Thanks for this. I've just known that each flower has its meaning...

halocoy lifestyle said...

I just found out today about the meaning of these flowers. nice article. thanks

JENIE=) said...

receiving flowers makes me feel beautiful...flattering to be given. but white or peach roses are more appreciated than red though love is expected. dunno why but red seems "baduy" already..hehe. too common probably.