Saturday, November 7, 2009


Have you ever tried Ziplining?  Well, I did it  at the Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City  last week!  Yeah!  It was really an awesome ride -- talk about adrenaline rush!  Ziplining involves gliding along a suspended steel cable, using a pulley and climbing harness.   At the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline and Cable Car, you slide at a speed

of 60 km/hour as you soar from a height of 150 to 300 feet high overlooking the Taal Lake and the forest.  Sui-slide talaga!  Grabe!  I almost chickened out!  Hehehe.. pero dyahe.. It would have been a big embarassment for me and the rest of my family.. We paid for a two-way ride.  You have the option whether to sit on the safety harness or lie on it.  We were prepared by our guides to lie on the harness - just as we were supposed to be released for the glide, I didn't want to let go of the rope.  I panicked -- scaredy-cat that I am. Hehe.. but still I pushed through with the ride on a sitting position.  It was really great to be up there... You must really try it.. :)  For the second ride, we were supposed to take the cable car but after waiting for a couple of minutes, we decided to zipline again. Tapang noh?  This time in a lying/flying (?) position naman-- ala Darna!  Hihihi...  I did not post our own photos here because my sis doesn't want me to.  Watch this video to get the feel of ziplining.. Enjoy!

If you are safety-conscious and faint hearted especially if you are acrophobic, then this ride is not for you.  I noticed that there was no safety net below if ever someone might fall despite the safety harness.  Besides the mechanism by which the zipline ride is stopped is so crude.  Once you reach the other side, the pulley will hit two tires hanging from the cable to buffer the impact while two guides will grab your harness and help you.  (See picture on the left side by Cenzaire)   This is not good for people who have back problems; there is also a risk for a whiplash injury.  We were also not requested to read and sign 
a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnification Agreement prior to participating in a Tagaytay Ridge Zipline ride although their website says otherwise.  Despite the safety issues, it was still a great experience for me.. I will definitely try out other ziplines here in the Philippines.  Yey!!


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