Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Japanese Shawarma

It's almost lunch time and I'm really starving. All I can think about is you.... and food shempre. Hehehehe.. I remember you told me once about how a shawarma is prepared there and how different it tastes from the sandwich that we Pinoys also call shawarma.

Here's another kind of shawarma. Try mo, dai.


1. 1 bar Magnolia Cream Cheese
2. 2 sachets of Kraft Real Mayonnaise
3. 1 pack of Imitation Crab Sticks
4. 1 cucumber
5. 2-3 ripe mangoes
6. 2 teaspoons of sugar, 1 pinch of salt
7. tortilla wrapper
8. lettuce


1. Put cream cheese at room temperature for at least an hour
2. Shred crab sticks using a fork
3. Mix cream cheese with 2 sachets of mayonnaise
4. Add 2 tsps of sugar and a pinch of salt
5. Mix shredded crabsticks with mixture of cream cheese and mayonnaise
6. Cut mangoes and cucumber int strips
7. Lay tortilla wrapper, put lettuce on top
8. Put ccrab and cream cheese mixture
9. Add cucumber and mango strips
10. Roll the tortilla wrapper.
11. Chill in the fridge for few minutes.

Happy eating!


unbound / shuttershy said...

i might give this a shot. sounds yummy. food trip ta, dai.