Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Gas Pains"

I'm back from my early morning drive to my kid sister's school. Joke!!! Hehe. I actually drove my little girl to her school. This is my everyday routine. The school doesn't offer a bus service and I am not comfortable with the idea of my little girl joining a carpool so I just drive her to school everyday.

I really don't mind driving at all - to work, to the mall, to church, to the airport whenever my sisters or my dai comes for a once in a blue moon visit - wherever, whenever. Lately however, I noticed that I have been having episodes of gas pains. I'm sure everyone had gas pains at one point in time.

These gas pains often occur whenever I'm in a gas station - filling up the tank of my old Honda civic sedan. The weekly spike in oil price is certainly causing me "gas pains". (Hehehe... 'kala mo dyspepsia, ano?) Last Saturday's pump price hike was the 16th for this year (P1.50 per liter increase in the price of gasoline and diesel)! Every weekend talaga! Gas pains talaga! Ramdam na ramdam ko. (Have you heard of that radio ad?)

Anyway, I try to save on gas by rolling down the windows a bit whenever the heat is bearable. Wala munang air con! I have two colorful native fans inside the car - pamaypay. My little girl does not complain at all. It is really not that hot in the early morning when I drive her to school.

This morning I rolled down the windows again to save a little gas. with the windows rolled halfway, we heard all the moans and groans of the nearby vehicles, the engine roar of the motorcycles and tricycles and all kinds of squeaking car sounds. We couldn't even hear each other while we were talking. I had to shut off Coldplay's "Vive la Vida" on the radio.

I thought of the quality of air that we were actually breathing. A few minutes later, I switched on the air con. My little girl was delighted. :) I guess I just have to bear with these gas pains.