Friday, June 27, 2008

Bad Hair Day

I'm getting a haircut today. I just feel that I have to go to the salon today. (Pa-kikay epek bang bigla?) La lang.

As usual, I reported for work at the charity clinic this morning. I was standing outside the chapel when Brother Charlie passed by and engaged me in small talk. He told me about his backache - how it started when he joined a 10K marathon without preparation and how he didn't follow doctor's orders (my orders, actually). I told him to take one tablet of 15 mg meloxicam daily but instead he insisted on taking it twice daily. Anyway, I told him that I'll just prescribe an additional NSAID ointment for his backache.

I thought our conversation was over but he asked me one question which really irritated me. He asked me if I was feeling well. I was like "Huh?! What da .....?!!!" Inis talaga ako. Hmp! Bwiset! I asked him why. He just told me that I didn't look well -- if I had cough or colds ba? I told him I was fine. He even asked if I had a hangover - hangover from work? I told him I was fine.

I was really fine when I woke up this morning. I had a good sleep. I feel good. I looked good in my jeans and my button-down shirt. I guess it's my hair. My hair looked temperamental already - thick, wavy and a little unkempt. I've tried all kinds of hair care products to make my hair soft, shiny and straight but my hair still remains a liability. So yun, gotta have a hair snip today.