Monday, August 8, 2011

Are you in?

photo credit

photo credit
I'm sure you have heard all about planking or the "lying down game". It is actually the act of lying face down with both arms on the sides of the body. An important part of the game is to have yourself photographed while planking and the photo must be posted on the Internet so that others can see it. It sounds easy, right? Anyone can do that but one gets pogi or ganda points for planking in odd places like the elevator, treetop, stairs, poles or just about anywhere. Every "planker" tries to outdo each other in planking. It's not even funny nor enjoyable anymore because one 20-year old Aussie man plummeted to his death while trying to plank on the balcony of a 7-storey building.

But planking is so over.... nowadays, owling is the new planking. Instead of lying straight down on anything you crouch like an owl in different locations. Just as with planking, the more difficult and the more dangerous it is.. the better! The photo must also be uploaded in the internet. There's already a Facebook page for owling if you want to post your picture.. hehe.. Even celebrities are planking and owling.

So are you in for some planking or owling? ;)