Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've been busy lately with so many things that I've neglected my blogs again. Sorry for that, friends. But I promise, I'll visit each of your blogs tonight.

Anyway, I just happen to check on my shout box to see who's been here and to my surprise I saw that my Google page rank was 4 on my tool bar. I thought I made a mistake so I closed all other pages on my browser. It's really a PR 4! Not yet contented, I went to Google PageRank Checker
and checked again. To my surprise and delight, It's really a 4. Yehey!

Thanks, Mr. Google! Thanks for giving me back my PR 4. You see, from PR 4 it went down to unrankable, then page rank 0 and now PR 4. Of course, thanks also to all blogger friends for that unwavering blog support!


-Jackie- said...

wow lucky you!whts your secret?xchange link?ill add ur blog to mine..www.jackiereese.com, www.allaboutdidi.com and www.mommylovesdidi.com. TY