Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Import - Aimless Ramblings

I have decided to import my blog Aimless Ramblings here in Notes From The Clinic. I know it could be quite confusing. Almost all of the posts in the other blog are also published here in Notes From The Clinic.

Aimless Ramblings has had its ups and downs. I never really understood the dynamics of Google page ranks. At times, Aimless Ramblings was unrankable. Suddenly its PR rose to 4. Then it plummeted again to being unrankable. A few weeks ago, it enjoyed a PR rank of 4 again. Wow, I was really overjoyed! A few bloggers asked for link exchange and I readily agreed.

This morning I was surprised to see that Aimless Ramblings is again unrankable. Ano ba talaga, Mr. G?? What did I do this time?

Since I've been neglecting this blog - Notes From The Clinic for so long already ( I think the last post was published last April) I just thought I'd import Aimless Ramblings here.

For those whom I've exchanged links with in the other blog, please comment or leave a message if you want a link exchange with this blog.

Thanks for being with Aimless Ramblings through its ups and downs. I still have a lot of work to do with this blog and I hope you will also support Notes From The Clinic. :)


Leonard Liem said...

hi i will add your site to my PR4 blog.. buzz me, if you want to exchange link... :) thx

follow mine too..
i've follow yours

Louis said...

Hi there. I would love to exchange links with you. Here are my blog details.

Healthy Living Tips

My email is:
Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks.

Louis Dizon