Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dog's Day Out At The Parkmall

It was really oppressively hot this afternoon so we decided to bring our pet chihuahua to Cebu Parkmall -- the only pet-friendly mall here in Cebu. It was our first time to bring a pet to the mall. Upon arrival, the mall guard asked us to register our pet so we can get a pet pass. As a pet owner, we have to comply with a set of guidelines.

1. Pet owners should have a complete pet kit which consists of a poop bag or any plastic bag to pick up the pet's litter; paper or cloth to cover seats or chairs, alcohol or odor remover or pet diapers.

2. All pets must be on a leash and should never be left unattended.
3. Pet owners must be considerate of other people at the mall. Pet owners must keep in mind that not all mall goers are comfortable around pets/ or animals due to several reasons such as health conditions or fears. Owners should be held liable for any untoward incidents caused by their pets.

Anyway, after paying a minimal fee and signing the registration form, we strolled around the mall. People took notice of our pet everywhere. Lilit became a dog celebrity on that day. Hehe..
Here are some pictures of our pet dog's day out at the Parkmall.