Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pinoy Summer Treats

Nowadays, everybody is complaining about the oppressive summer heat. Well, here are some truly Pinoy summer coolers to help you cool down.

ice candy


ice scramble

dirty ice cream

Halo-halo is my favorite summer cooler. I just had one this afternoon. Halo-halo literally means "mix mix"; it is a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk, a blend of fruits and sweet preserves topped with a scoop of ice cream usually served in a parfait glass or a bowl. Be sure to mix it thoroughly before eating it. Yum! I love the ube, nangka, macapuno, munggo, saba, pinipig and leche flan.

I also like the "dirty ice cream". It's not really dirty; it is actually home-made ice cream that is being peddled on the streets. I wonder why it's called dirty ice cream.

How about you, what is your favorite summer ice treat?


donna said...

That's yuuuummmy!!! I love ice candy :)

Ate Bap said...

this post is perfect for summer heat!!!!!!!!!!

jannet said...

icedrop or popsicle in different flavors...

scribbler said...

@donna -- kids love ice candies! :)
@ ate bap -- thanks!
@jannet - yeah.. i forgot to include that.. :)

thanks for the comments, everyone!

jannet said...

PS: i'm also wondering why "dirty icecream" is being called by that! my father used to make that ice cream when i was young.. i should have asked him, hehe!! also include the "shakes"!