Saturday, March 19, 2011

Join VirtaPay!

I'm sure you're interested to know what VirtaPay is all about. VirtaPay is a newly launched online payment processor where people will be able to send money to others and use it to purchase digitally-delivered goods within the VirtaPay website.

Joining VirtaPay costs nothing; it is free. And when you join, you will receive $25 VirtaPay money in your account. You can refer people and make $10 for every referral who joins with your affiliate link.
Once you join, they encourage you to remain active and participate in reading their blog, participating in surveys and doing other tasks.

If you are inactive for a short period of time, you won't earn from the site's daily revenues. If you remain inactive for a long period of time, your account may be terminated. :(

Right now, my VirtaPay account doesn't seem to be very useful except that I have $25 dollars in it. Hmm, i'll just wait and see what happens as my VirtaPay account balance increases. I personally think joining is risk-free. Just be safe online and be careful about important personal information that you give out.

So why not join me? If you're interested, please follow this link


Tebinfea said...

Happy spring my friend.
Good Sunday.

scribbler said...

hello, Teb! I'm pleased to meet you here.. :) Thanks for the visit! Have a nice day!