Wednesday, September 15, 2010

dare to write again

this blog is obviously far from its glory days when it had a Google page rank of 4.  at that time, i was inspired to blog even as i struggled to write.  i'm not really a prolific writer.

 later,  it seems that at the time of the  lowest of low in my life, my page rank also dropped to its nadir.  N/A - that is my present Google page rank.

i almost lost this blog.  but i'm ready to regain its lost glory so  i'm waking up this blog from its long hiatus.


DeejSpeaks said...

What happened to your page rank? Did you do something weird?

That's so tragic. I hope you regain it soon.

scribbler said...

Hi, DeejSpeaks! I really don't know.


Thanks for dropping by

DeejSpeaks said...

You can simply call me Deej. :)

I am sorry for that.

Just a little bit link love and things will getting better soon. ;)

scribbler said...

thanks Deej! :)