Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jewelry That Fits Your Personality

Everybody loves jewelry.  Everyone has a fascination for jewelry.  People have different reasons for wearing jewelry.  Traditionally, jewelry has always been a social status symbol of wealth, love and ownership.  Nowadays, wearing jewelry means so much more.  One person says wearing jewelry makes him feel important and unique.  A lady says jewelry  makes her attractive.  There are a lot more reasons why someone would want to wear jewelry.

Jewelry is a form of self-expression.  The jewelry that you wear is a reflection of your personality.Your choice of jewelry should be worth its weight in gold because your jewelry reveals the qualities you value most about yourself.  It is important to pick out jewelry pieces that will mesh with your style and really bring out the best in you.

You should know what style is apt for your kind of personality. Consider the following style types:

1.  Minimalist - You do not want to draw attention to yourself. You tend to choose modest jewelry pieces
     with less bling.  Sometimes you may not even wear jewelry but if you do wear one, an elegant but simple
     stud earring or an elegant wristwatch would do.

2.  Classic -  You are not interested in the latest fashion trends.  You prefer the timeless pieces of jewelry that
     can be worn for years.  You go for the classic pearl, gold and silver jewelry.

3.  Eclectic  -   You are a diva and a trendsetter.  You like to be the center of attraction and you are not
     afraid to try unique, one of a kind, big and bold pieces of jewelry.  You go for the latest fads and bright

 4.  Boho Chic -  You are a fashionista and have a keen sense for fashion.  Your favorite pieces of jewelry
      include thin bangles and beaded bracelets, multiple pendant and beaded necklaces in natural material.

 I would say I'm a minimalist.  I'm content to wear a wristwatch and a  pair of stud earrings. Oftentimes,  
 a lone ring on my finger will do.  Sometimes I like to go bare, too.  How about you?

What kind of jewelry personality are you?  Do you go for matching jewelry sets, the usual pearl earrings or would you rather wear  pastel and earth-colored gemstones?  Regardless of your personality type, choose Roberto Coin jewellery designs that are fashion forward but timeless as well. A Roberto Coin piece of jewelry is always a sound investment and will always give you a lifetime of enjoyment.  Build a jewelry wardrobe that contains classic pieces such as diamond and pearl studs but don't be afraid to try colored gemstones, mix old pieces with new .  Mix and match.  Let your own self and style evolve.


Mia Liana said...

love jewellery too... wear when attend functions

scribbler said...

@ Mia Liana - jewelry adds that extra sparkle to your style!