Sunday, May 2, 2010

JEjENesE RAMBlings

e0W p0wh ! Im having~ A ProblEm wiTH My INterNeT~ C0NNEC2n p0wH.~ KaiNIZ tALaGA !l! E2 BgLa 2LOy AQnG ng-JEjENesE LOLz! HIHihI p0wH. p0wh.  (Translation: Hello!  I'm having a problem with my internet connection.  Kainis talaga!  Eto, bigla tuloy akong nag-jejenese. jejeje..  )

Pardon my jejenese ramblings. Just checking out this new pop culture phenomenon called Jejemonism.    According to the Urban Dictionary,  a Jejemon or a Jeje is "someone who has managed to subvert the English language to the point of incomprehensibility and online lynch squads."  Jejemons are also described as hipsters or scenesters who develop their own language and written text including their own subculture and fashion. Jejemonism is not limited to the Pinoys.  This phenomenon is also common among the Latino-Hispanic gamers and among some Thais who type "5555" for "hahahaha" since the number 5 in the Thai language translates to "ha".

How do you know that one is a Jejemon?  A jejemon has a very low tolerance for correct punctuation, syntax and grammar.  Their language is known as Jejenese and their alphabet is called jejebet which makes use of the Roman alphabet, Arabic numerals and other special characters.   Words are created by rearranging the  letters in a word, alternating capitalization, over-usage of the letters H, X or Z and mixture of numeric characters and our normal alphabet.  There are different levels of jejemonism.

Mild jejemonism -   example:  "eow pU.  MxTa pu.jejeje"  

Moderate jejemonism - example:  "eOw pfOw,, Na MiSz pfOu qTah!  mWahXz!

Severe jejemonism:  "3Ow pfU!,..aN3U pfOW gW4 n3O? tX tX nUa lHarN sZa meNa GiZng pfa!

Terminal jejemonism:  "3Ow pf0U m3N4 p!p0L! nUa M1Xz k0 pF0u K30 nU4n z0bR4! wUaCk k30nG M3k A4Ng4Sz sXa b0SzX nu4 tuLad kW0 ``

If you want to write a sentence in Jejenese, try the Jologs-inator!
Not all people are amused with the Jejemons.  Some people express their dislike for the Jejemons thru  a Facebook fan page called the "GOTTA- KILL-EM-ALL-JEJEMON".   Someone even proposed to have the Jejemons or Jejemonism banned from the web.  Wow! Grabe naman.

Like the rest of us, the Jejemons have a basic right to free speech and expression.

KnYA-knYng tRiP~ lnG YN, EH~ P0wH.~ p0wH. P0wh. JeJEJEje.


bleep said...

as far as i've read of jeje-articles...this one's the best yet! ;)

lina@happy family said...

I don't understand this :(

JENIE=) said...

bleep's right, the best written. Infact, I have edited the post i have written about jejemon's and linked this post there. See it here

survivormuch said...

jejemon... i just learned about that. KALOWKA! hahaha

scribbler said...

EOw p0wH EvERONE~ loLz! thanKz f0R DrOPPiNG BY P0wH. p0WH.
hPi WeEKeND l0Lz!

scribbler said...

@ lina@happyfamily - thanks for dropping by.. :) it's ok if you don't understand jejenism. it may cause severe headache if you try too hard to understand it. LOL

it's a pop culture phenomenon here in the Philippines.