Saturday, March 13, 2010

ME Time

Hi!  I'm just happy and contented to be here at home for this weekend.  Last week was really stressful for me.  Everybody wanted a piece of myself! Hehehe..  Aside from being busy at the hospital, there were invitations for me to attend a medical product launching last Thursday evening.  I didn't attend because I was so tired after doing a core needle breast biopsy on a patient with suspected  breast cancer.  That was really just a minor procedure but what made it stressful was that we were not able to get an adequate specimen so we had to make several passes (needle insertions).  I really pitied the patient but what can we do -- the pathologist wanted more tissue specimen.  He even asked if we could do an open biopsy instead but the patient refused.  Anyway, using the Tru-Cut needle, we did the procedure again.  Finally, we were able to get sample tissues from the tumor which I hoped was sufficient for the other laboratory tests that had to be performed.

Last night, I was also invited  to a cocktail party --  the organizers were real estate  agents for the Avalon Condominium Residences.  Still a no-show.
Today, Saturday --  I begged from joining a free clinic for some indigent patients in the northern part of the city.  I'm also  not attending the ordination rites of the four seminarians from the OAD.

I just want time for myself. I know there will still be plenty of free clinics nowadays, it's campaign period right? As for the seminarians, I really don't know them on a personal level.

So maybe i'll just stay home and watch DVDs.. play with the dogs, go to the mall with my daughter or just watch the fish swim in their aquarium.

Happy weekend!!


Darrel Jester Ecdao said...

wow! You really need to have a break. Enjoy your weekend!

DeejGeek of

lina@women's perspectives said...

You have a noble job... but yes, you need time for your self...
Happy week end !

JENIE=) said...

No other place to have that rest but home! Glad you had that...and was able to post for us to read ;)wink! wink!'re a Medical Practitioner. Nice to know that. (wonder where) lina's right, a noble job!

scribbler said...

@ Darrel Jester Ecdao,
@ lina@women's perspectives and
@ Jenie

-- thanks to all of you for the comments. I had a pleasant weekend.