Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Riding the Waves

This photo was taken last December during our family reunion.  It was already 11:00 in the morning when we decided to have a  banana boat ride. After  donning our life vests,  we were advised by the jet ski driver to just let go of the handle if ever the banana boat will flip or if ever we will be thrown off to the sea. Thrilling!!  

We really had fun.  At first, the jet ski pulled the banana boat slowly then it gradually sped up.  We held on tightly to the handle bars every time we encounter big waves, with matching squeals, shouts and laughter.  It was fun to feel the sea spray and splash on our skin.  Never mind the scorching heat of the sun.  Basta enjoy!  Ang saya!!! ^_^ 


izonmay said...

wow what a nice ride! hope i can ride that banana boat one day so cute. Have a nice day.

Herry Kusdianto said...

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teJan said...

wow! i had a chance to ride it suppose but the fear won..hahaha!

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scribbler said...

@ izonmay - thanks for the visit. it's a fun ride.. try it next time. :)

@CEMPLYMEDIA - thanks for dropping by! :) will check that out.

@teJan - Sayang! It's really fun and exciting. Next time, do try it.I'm fine... :) thanks for droping by..

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Ana Cristina said...

Quite nice!! I love banana boat ride!