Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Treat for Sky Enthusiasts

Sky gazers are excited to witness "Ring of Fire", the first annular eclipse of 2010, tomorrow Jan 15.  An annular eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are exactly in line, but the size of the moon's shadow is smaller than that of the visible disk of the sun.  The moon passes between the earth and the sun, so it may totally or partially obscure the earth's view of the sun.  The covered sun appears like an annulus or "ring of fire" with the rays spreading out from the outline of the moon.

Around the world, the solar eclipse will be viewed as an annular eclipse.  This eclipse will be visible from a track that goes across central Africa, the Indian Ocean and eastern Asia. The maximum eclipse occurs in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
The Philippines will see a partial solar eclipse tomorrow January 15 with the moon covering around half of the sun in some areas of the country.  This will be the  longest solar eclipse (in terms of duration). 
The eclipse will start at 3:49 pm in Metro Manila with the maximum eclipse coming at 4:53 pm and ending at 5:51 pm.
 Sky enthusiasts all over the world have organized solar eclipse tours to watch and photograph this fascinating celestial activity. So, are you going to sail  the Indian Ocean just to witness this unusual occurrence?


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unbound / shuttershy said...

dai, nanood ba kayo ng eclipse?

Mel Cole said...

Nag-eclipse na ba dyan sa Pilipinas? It has been a long time I haven't seen an eclipse since I was elementary. That is really cool!

scribbler said...

@sarahbarker, @opik, @GARY and
@Natha Lia - thanks for dropping by and the comment. i'll visit your blog, too. :)

@unbound/shuttershy - di kami nanood. umulan dito..

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Glenn Kun said...

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d q napanuod ang exlipse^^

medic/scribbler said...

@ Glenn Kunn - oo naman. viewing a solar eclipse without the proper eye protection will surely damage one's eyes. pwede gumamit ng eclipse glasses, special telescope filters, pinhole projection, telescopic projection.

thanks for dropping by.. :)

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