Friday, January 22, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Creative is pronounced as kr-tv or kriːˈeɪtɪv.  Its synonyms include imaginative, gifted, artistic, inventive, original, inspired, clever, productive, fertile, ingenious, visionary.  I have been tapped by Mary Ann of Stairway to receive the Kreative Blogger Award.  Thank you, Mary Ann.

Well, in order to accept this award, I'm supposed to share 7 random things about myself so here goes

seven things you don't know about me..

1.  I don't sweat the small stuff.  I pick my battles wisely.

2.  I am unconventional.

3.  I am a frustrated writer. LOL  I even had plans of joining a writing workshop.

4.  My badminton partner and I won the championship title for the Ladies Doubles Event several years ago when I was still a "baddict" -- badminton addict.

5.  I love cats. 

6.  When I was in residency training, my senior resident described me as being "cool under pressure".

7.  I like collecting stuff - coins, watches, key chains, refrigerator magnets, etc..

This award also goes out to all my blogger friends who are all creative in their own respective ways with special mention to the following blogs:   MelCole's Wall of Experiences, Skills and Talents, Ouvir Estrelas, Shuttershy, and Mistyn Maailma

"I agree that man is pre-eminently a creative animal, predestined to strive consciously for an object and to engage in engineering--that is, incessantly and eternally to make new roads, wherever they may lead." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Another Story From Me said...

very nice post bro
keep it up

Kang Salman said...

oh grea! very nice post, i like this your blog

Bubble Deck said...

Oh you are a good badminton player. I suck at badminton. Lol. And I totally agree with #1, limit your activities to the essentials. Don't waste your time on senseless things.

By the way I added your link to my site. Check it in my links page. Could you please add me too? Thank you.

Mary Ann said...

Been very thankful for grabbing the award. Enjoy your day creative blogger.

halocoy lifestyle said...

congrat for your award. happy blogging, regards

Mel Cole said...

Hi Scribbler! I'm so delighted to receive this award. Thanks so much for choosing me in one of your special mention. I'll gladly post about this ASAP! Mwah! Take care sis ;-)

another story from me said...

visiting u again my friend

Ana Cristina said...

Hello my friend, thanks for the award! It's very nice and I love it!
I will publish it soon. Wish you all the best!!

scribbler said...

@ Mary Ann - Thanks again! I'm just happy to be counted as one of your Kreativ Bloggers! :)

JENIE=) said...

now i know you somehow ;) glad you shared!

unbound / shuttershy said...

dai! thank you so much! although my blog has nothing creative in it hehe. la lang.

Janskula said...

Thank you! You're so sweet!

scribbler said...

Thanks to everyone for leaving your comments here.. Mwah!!