Thursday, December 31, 2009

Safety Reminders and First Aid Tips for Firecracker Injuries

With a few more hours left for the year 2009, revelers are itching to usher in the New Year 2010 with a big bang.  That's literally and figuratively speaking.   Here are some safety tips for everybody.

1. Do light firecrackers outdoors.
2. Do light one firecracker at a time.
3. Do not hold a firecracker while lighting it.
4. Do not pick up failed firecrackers.
5. When lighting fireworks like a fountain, do not bend directly over it.
6. Do not throw firecrackers at passing people or vehicles.
7. Do not allow children to hold firecrackers. 

Sometimes accidents happen, here are some first aid tips for minor burns caused by firecrackers:

1. Run cool water over the affected area.
2. Avoid applying ointments or creams
3. Cover the injured area with a clean and dry cloth

4. Seek medical attention immediately when an area larger than the size of the palm is affected, when the burn extends beyond the skin, or when the eyes are involved.
 If a body part is hit directly by an exploding firecracker, cover the affected part with a clean cloth. Then try to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on it and immediately bring the patient to the hospital.

On the other hand, ingestion of any firecracker warrants immediate medical attention. 

Let us all have a merry and accident-free holiday season!  Happy new year!!


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