Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Benefits of Carnitine Supplements

L-carnitine or simply carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a vital role in the burning of unwanted fats. It helps in the release of stored body fat and triglycerides into the blood stream for use as energy. L-carnitine in the body is also believed to increase energy levels to sustain long-term anaerobic activities such as jogging, walking or biking.


Our body gets energy mainly from glucose and fat. L-carnitine stimulates the burning of triglycerides while sparing the supply of glycogen or stored glucose in the liver.
It is said that with carnitine supplementation during exercise , fat is burned at arate of 75-80% of maximum exerion. In effect, L-carnitine causes the cells to get the energy first from fat before using glucose.


Aside from being an energy source, L-carnitine supplements cardiac muscles. The heart which is considered the principal engine of the body, needs a lot of energy for it to function properly. The main source of energy that is utilized by the heart comes from the burning of fatty acids within cells. There are studies that show that L-carnitine provides the heart with the energy it needs for circulatory and cardiac contractility.

L-carnitine decreases the occurence of chest pain during strenuous activity and increases the tolerance to exercise in patients who have cardiac problems. Studies have shown that damage to cardiac muscles and even mortality rates are decreased in people who take L-carnitine supplements.
L-carnitine supplements also have the following benefits:

-increase the sperm count and motility in infertile men.
- prevents muscle atrophy in patients suffering from a severe degenerative muscular disease
- help address weight gain problems and help raise energy levels of people with low thyroid function
-reduce the total LDL or bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels; increase the HDL or good cholesterol levels
-delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease, relieve depression related to old age and other forms of dementia, improves memory in the elderly.

There are other benefits associated with L-carnitine supplementation; however, it would be best to seek the advice of health care professionals regarding carnitine supplements.