Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Bed Weather"

Tropical depression "Urduja" is cutting through the Visayas today with maximum winds of  55 kph according to our ever reliable PAGASA.
In fact, signal number 1 is already  up over 23 provinces already including Cebu City.  It was so hard to get up from bed this morning at 5:00 AM -- effort talaga! But I had to drive my child to school.
 To my dismay, just a few minutes after I drove my baby to school,  I had to fetch her again.  She called me up and informed me that their classes were suspended due to the storm.
Hay, had we known that the classes would be suspended; we could have snuggled up in our cozy bed for a few more hours.  Di bale, if it continues to rain this afternoon, I won't report for work.  Bed weather kasi eh.  That's why I love rainy days...


willy said...

here too
in my place it's would be rain today

Odds and Ends said...

Bed Weather!

It is really hard to work when its cold and your bed is inviting your back :D

scribbler said...

@ willy - Hi! Is there a tropical depression in your country too?

@Odds and Ends -- that's true! :D pero nakonsyensya ako - so i braved the wind and the rain to serve the filipino community... :D

Yen said...

I love it when it rains specially during weekends.

xIan_23x said...

que mala onda por lo de la tormenta
naah aqui solo hace frio
que bn que no llueve xDD

vale me retiro
a clases


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