Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hihihihi... I'm so full of smiles and giggles today.  I was doing my Saturday blog walk this morning when I read in Len's Sunday Blues that my blog deserved an acknowledgment -  the BEST BLOG AWARD for my post last November 11.  Thank you, Len!  I never expected that my aimless ramblings would get recognized and win an award.

The award has its own rules, too. If  ever your blog wins the award; you must post it on your blog and mention the name of the blogger who granted you the blog award and the  link to her/his blog.  You must pass the award to 15 other blogs you have recently discovered and that you think deserves a recognition.  Remember to inform the bloggers  that they were chosen for the blog award.

And so, here is the list of blogs that I think deserve an accolade, too.  Drum roll, please!!!

Rinoa's Virtual Buzz
Innovative Updates 
LaikePo Funny & Amazing Blog
Poetry by w.s. 
Gadget Review
Another Story From Me

This would be all for now but I'll update this list later.  See ya.. :)


AleTheElf said...

Many thanks for the beautiful award, my dear friend! I'm glad you thought of me assigning it! Have a wonderfull week-end.Hugs,Alex

Lady E said...

Hello..Happy Monday.. :)
Wow!Very nice & beautiful awards u got there..Congratulations.. :)

scribbler said...

@ Ale The Elf -- you are most welcome! I am a fan of your blog.. :)

@leda the Raibow Princess -- thanks, too! have a great week!! :)