Monday, October 19, 2009

What Was He Thinking???!!

Yesterday was World Mission Sunday - a day when Catholics celebrate, remember, pray for and help the missionaries around the world. These are the men and women who help spread the Word of God.

Yesterday was also Mission Family Fair(Family Day) in my daughter's school. I had difficulty in getting a parking space. All the streets leading to the school was filled with cars already. Even the pay parking lots were full. I had to drop off my kid and her yaya first so they won't be late for the program. After several turns, I decided to park my car three blocks away from the school. As usual, there were the usual "watch-your-car-boys" who offered to "watch" my car. That was 8:00 in the morning. I forgot all about it while I enjoyed the field demonstration of the grade school pupils. I enjoyed taking pictures of my child while they were performing their exercise drills. Siempre, stage mommy ang dating! hehe..

My kid was really enjoying herself with her classmates. There were rides, jail booths, souvenir booths, horse rides.. etc.. Everything that would make kids and teenagers happy. I went back to the place where I parked my car. Of course, it was still there but I didn't bother to check for dents or scratches. The watch-your-car boy was no longer there. (He must have gotten hungry). But there was another teenaged boy who came over and tried to "help" me out by giving hand signals. Siempre pa, I had to pay the boy.

It was already past 3 in the afternoon when I fetched my kid and her yaya. When we arrived home, my kasambahay noticed a long and deep scratch at the right side of the car. Grrrr!! It was not yet there when we left the house and I could only think of the first watch your car boy... Grabeh! Maybe he got mad when it took me so long to get back? I don't know.. I parked the car properly naman. I would have wanted to go back and give the watch your car boys a tongue-lashing but I know it would only be a waste of energy and time for me..

It got me thinking about what goes on in the mind of a person. What is the reason behind delinquency, criminal activity, lapses in moral judgment, anti-social behavior? Maybe there's a biochemical abnormality or a dysfunction in one's brain that causes these severe lapses in social behavior and moral codes of conduct.


Nash said...

oh my scratches!



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Sega Megadrive Troubleshoot said...

yuppie!!!! cheers!!!

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gretch said...

Maybe he's having one of those moments:
" Life is unfair!!! How come they have better life than me?! blah blah blah I must at least ruin the car to compensate for the unfair treatment the world gave me."
...too bad for your car :(

By the way,aside from the reasons you mentioned,I think those people(criminals,delinquents..) might have a really horrible traumatic experience,which makes them act that way. Another is, I think some people are just too greedy,they don't care as long as they got what they want ("If I can't have you, no one will! You might as well die! Bwahaha!"). Possibly another reason is that the person is too "hurt" or "lost" and can't make a correct decision at the time of the crime. Or Possibly some other factors ... Nobody was born as a criminal right? Something might have made them that way...(To be honest,I've got this weird habit of staring at babies wondering if they're going to be murderers someday.T_T)

Well that's what I think. Sorry If my comment is too messy and long.XD
Take Care ;)
I'm sorry for your car :(

scribbler said...

@gretch - hi, thanks for your comments... :)
they're not messy or too long... :)
take care, too.. mwah!

@ sega megadrive troubleshoot -- hello!!

@nash --- i like your photo blog.. ;)