Sunday, November 25, 2007

28 Things To Do Together

Why 28? Because you're 28 today! Dai, I just thought of writing some of the things I wish I could do with you today--- if only we were together.

1.Hug and  kiss each other in the dusk.
2. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two.
3. Enjoy a movie marathon at Rajah or Palladium. Have a good selection of animation, horror, comedy, romance or erotica. :D
4. Try some extreme sports!
5. Obey our animal instincts by visiting the zoo. (Hmm, naughty thoughts, huh?)
6. Have a hot bath with oodles of bubbles.
7. Visit Mountain View Resort Park.
8. Indulge and pamper ourselves at a health spa. Give each other a massage.
9. Go for a long stroll holding hands. (Pa sway sway pa. Hehe)
10. Read a book of poems by Pablo Neruda.
11. Go swimming or enjoy a walk in the rain. Remember the rainy boat ride in Mactan?
12. Try out some games at the Timezone.
13. Watch a concert.
14. Make something together.
15. Take tons of pictures of each other.
16. Play! - whether they're board games, computer games, card games, mind games or naughty games!
17. Go shopping for Christmas.
18. Play badminton and bedminton!!!
19. Sleep all day!
20. Take a hike or a bike ride.
21. Fly a kite. I've never been successful at flying kites.
22. Compose something: a poem, a story or a song?
23. Watch the sunset at Tops.
24. Just take a long drive from the north to the south of Cebu.
25. Be "escape artists" - take a flight to Palau or Bali - just the two of us.
26. Have a makeover at a salon.
27. Cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to each other.
28. Visit a church, say a prayer and light candles.


unbound / shuttershy said...

Ang sweet naman ng dai na yan. La lang.